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The first 14 days of any stay is at full price. But anyone who stays 15 days or more is entitled to a 10% discount for every day beyond (minimum 5 days).

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The small room for one additional person of any guest booking a casita costs One-third (1/3) of daily rate of an Original Casita.

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September is a great time to stay at Las Casitas! EVERYTHING that is there during high season months (which are at premium rates) is still there!! All tourist attractions don't close, they are just less crowded! So book your visit with us for 7 days or more in the month of September, and receive a 40% DISCOUNT!

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When staying 7 days or more at Las Casitas in October, you will receive 2 of your 7 nights FREE. "Stay for 7, pay for 5" has never been more enticing! Get that great summer tan before old man winter "checks in" and make all of your friends jealous!

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If you have stayed with us in the past, we invite you to refer your friends, neighbors, family and co-workers to Las Casitas. To show our appreciation for your spreading the word, we will send you a check for $100 for each referral once they have stayed a minimum of 5 days. There is no limit to these referral checks, but they are only for first time visitors. Just notify our Reservations office.

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